Purpose of Yog Chikitsa is to spread the teachings of ancient Indian Yogic wisdom through correlation with modern medical science – Neuroscience in particular. Modern neuroscience has slowly started to believe in body and mind connection, which was formulated and practiced in India in the form of Yoga for thousands of years.

One example is what is called Biofeedback. It is a modern medical science term coined to encapsulate the fact that the brain changes its function based on what the body is doing, and it is possible to influence (or control) various physiological and psychological functions that normally are involuntary. So far, Yogic wisdom of thousands of years (of body and mind connection) has mostly been ignored by western medicine. The ancient sages in India, through their own experiences with body and mind, designed the body alignments in the form of Yogasanas to indirectly influence mind and intelligence in a positive way and to enhance changes in the brain and autonomic nervous system through conscious biofeedback.

Also, Neuroscience is now discovering the link between the breath and the mind – what Yogic science has known for many millennia. We not just inhale Oxygen and exhale Carbon dioxide but what we breathe (called “Prana” in Yogic science) is subtler than that, and has its influence beyond the physical and physiological states of humans. Our breathing is linked to higher states of awareness – emotions, psyche, consciousness, and spirituality. Hence the Yogic texts suggest that the practice of Pranayama should not be considered as mere breathing exercises aimed at strengthening the respiratory system. Pranayama utilizes our breath to influence the flow of Prana in the Energy Channels (called “Nadis”) to influence higher states of awareness.

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…probably the best articles on yoga versus science I’ve read! 100% scientific 100% yogic

Excellent!!! Very important info! Yoga vs science. Keep posting and thank you so much

Wow super good info that can help me evolve in my practice and way of teaching!

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